Sunday, July 22, 2012

how to delete photos from iphone - remove over 100 photos on your iphone

Here is some advice that will serve you well on how to delete multiple photos from iphone.
You will be surely interested to know how to send multiple photos from iphone picture.

Start first by waking up your iPhone and press the "photos" Home icon.

Select "camera roll" or one of your album. Press the action icon in the corner in a high right, it looks like one has a box with an arrow on it.
Press each picture you wish to delete. When you press, the fons of photos and a red circle with a check mark appears in this regard. Continues to operate until you have selected all the photos you wish to delete.

Press the "delete" button in the bottom right corner.
Confirm deletion of 'pop-up screen by clicking "delete selected items".

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