Sunday, July 22, 2012

send image to phone - learn the arts to send multiple images from a iphone 4

Iphone is the best phone in the world, I will teach you how to send multiple photos from iphone.
With these tips you share your photos from your iphone with family, friends etc..

How to send photos from iphone via MMS

First press "pictures" to open the film.
Touch the icon that looks like a box with an arrow in the corner in a high right of the screen. Press each photo you want to send to select. Red check marks appear in the corner of the photos you have selected.

Press "sharing" and select "MNS". Enter the telephone number of the recipient "to." and press "send".

How to send "email

Crafting the film by tapping "pictures". Touch the icon in the upper-right button and each photo you want to email.

how to delete photos from iphone - remove over 100 photos on your iphone

Here is some advice that will serve you well on how to delete multiple photos from iphone.
You will be surely interested to know how to send multiple photos from iphone picture.

Start first by waking up your iPhone and press the "photos" Home icon.

Select "camera roll" or one of your album. Press the action icon in the corner in a high right, it looks like one has a box with an arrow on it.
Press each picture you wish to delete. When you press, the fons of photos and a red circle with a check mark appears in this regard. Continues to operate until you have selected all the photos you wish to delete.

Press the "delete" button in the bottom right corner.
Confirm deletion of 'pop-up screen by clicking "delete selected items".

import photos from iphone - learn words in 239 to import photos from iphone

Hello, as the first post on this blog I decided to share as import photos from iphone.

With these tips you carry your photos wench go everywhere or you go.

Started by connecting the iPhone to your computer with the USB cable. Make sure your iPhone is running.
  Crafted itunes. If you have iTunes software on your computer, you can download it online by doing a search on Google with Google Chrome as your browser, mozilla firefox etc..

Click on the icon iphone under "device" on the tray on the left side of itunes. When the iphone screen opens, select the "pictures".
  If you are a mac user, select the "sync photos from iPhoto" box, if you are a PC user, use the dropdown menu next to the "photo syn from: prompts for the location of your photos.

  Select now select if you are a mac user "sync photos from iPhoto" box, if you are a PC user, use the dropdown menus next to the "Sync photos from:" invites choose where your photos.
  Select the "sync" when you have found the location of photos you want to import into the iphone. New photos will be added automatically to your iPhone from this place every time you connect the camera to your computer.